Fee schedule

Registered Acupuncture: *Covered by Extended Health Policies. Please check with your provider* 

SAF (Shiatsu and Acupuncture Fusion) Therapy  60 Minutes: $120

  • In this combination treatment, the practitioner will use shiatsu massage in conjunction with acupuncture needles to treat your symptoms. Other modalities such as:  cupping, electrical stimulation, and moxibustion may also be used for pain relief. This treatment is recommended for people with chronic or acute muscle pain, muscle injuries, or relaxation/ maintenance of the body.


 Acupuncture (Approx. 50-60 min): $100

  • You acupuncture treatment starts with the practitioner taking your initial concerns and medical history. Tongue and pulse will also be taken. We will then decide on a treatment plan that is right for you. In an acupuncture treatment session you can expect to have needles, but also cupping, moxibustion, electrical stimulation, or ear seeds.  Talk to your practitioner for details. 


Cupping Treatment 30 Minutes: $60

  • We are now offering cupping as a stand alone treatment! At our clinic we use either special glass or plastic cups for your session.  The cups are suctioned onto your skin, which allows the muscles to decompress and release waste product that has been trapped in the muscle due to tension, illness, or injury. The waste material released from the muscle will appear as a red or purplish colour that will disappear within a week.


NOTE: for ICBC Claim : Due to Hight volume of clients, We stop taking ICBC claim at this moment, sorry for your in convenience.



*: Please Check with your Extended Health Provider

Shiatsu Therapist (Non- registered )**


  • 30 min Shiatsu:   $ 50
  • 60 min Shiatsu:   $ 85
  • 90 min Shiatsu:   $ 115
  • 120 min Shiatsu: $ 150


  • 30 min Reflexology (sole to Knee) :  $ 50

Combination (Shiatsu & Reflexology )

  • 60 min.(20~40 min. Reflexology + 20~40 min. Shiatsu) :    $ 85..
  • 90 min.(20~40 min. Reflexology + 50~70 min. Shiatsu) :     $ 115
  • 120 min.(20~60 min. Reflexology + 60~100 min. Shiatsu) : $ 150
** Shiatsu is not registered, NOT COVERED by Extended Health Policies