Reflexology at Té・a・té.

The Healing space Té・a・té offers an original style of reflexology, combining English and Japanese styles. The feet are known as the "second heart". By stimulating pressure points in the feet, we are able to improve function and promote healing in internal organs, glands, and muscles in the entire body.
The Japanese style of reflexology in the feet is good for treating acute pain, and for eliminating toxins from the body. The English style is helpful in stimulating the natural healing systems of the body.

We believe these various techniques are very effective and will help you to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Té・a・té clinic
#108-1030 Denman Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2M6, Canada
In the Denman Place Mall
7 days/a week Except holiday
11 am to 8 pm, last-call 7 pm


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